The Hallmark of the “The Conservative Commandos Radio Show” is an outstanding list of guests who are the true stars of our show. Our guest are like a “Who’s Who” of Conservative politics and thinking.

Guests like…

Governor Mike Huckabee

Dick Morris

Entertainer Charlie Daniels

Senator Mike Lee

Senator Rand Paul

Senator John Barrasso

Senator Jim Demint

Senator Rick Santorum

Congressman Allen West

Congressman Bill Cassidy

Congressman Chris Smith

Congressman Diane Black

Congressman Fred Grandy

Congressman Jeff Landry

Congressman Jim Jordan

Congressman John Peterson

Congressman Joe Walsh

Congressman Joe Wilson

Congressman John Fleming

Congressman Louie Gohmert

Congressman Marsha Blackburn

Congressman Michael Burgess

Congressman Michele Bachmann

Congressman Mo Brooks

Congressman Paul Broun

Congressman Phil Roe

Congressman Randy Nuegabauer

Congressman Renee Ellmers

Congressman Rick Crawford

Congresswoman Sandy Adams

Congressman Scott Rigell

Congressman Steve King

Congressman Steve Scalise

Congressman Ted Poe

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter

Congressman Tim Huelskamp

Congressman Tom Cole

Congressman Tom Price

Herman Cain Presidential Candidate

Rick Santorum Presidential Candidate

State Reps Sally Kern, OK

State Reps Diana Leigh McCullough Ward

Alabama State Reps Mickey Hammon
Mike Franc Heritage Foundation

Ariel Cohen Heritage Foundation

Derek Scissors Heritage Foundation

Ed Haislmaier Heritage Foundation

Kathryn Nix Heritage Foundation

James Phillips Heritage Foundation

Curtis Dubay Heritage Foundation

James Carafano Heritage Foundation

Lisa Curtis Heritage Foundation

JD Foster Heritage Foundation

Mckenzie Eaglan Heritage Foundation

Lachlan Markay Heritage Foundation

Bruce Klinger Heritage Foundation

Nick Loris Heritage Foundation

Russ Vought Heritage Action for America

Dan Holler Heritage Action for America

Adam Geller
Al Cardenes Chairman ACU

Amassador John Bolton
Amy Kremer Tea party Activist
Andy Roth Club For Growth

Andy Sullivan Political Activist
Betsy McCaughey Former Lt. Governor State of New York
Bill Looman III Political Activist
Bob Vander Platts, President, CEO of The Family Leader

Bobby Jindal Governor Louisiana

Caroline Casagrande Assemblywoman NJ

Cathy Gillespie Co-Chairman Constituting America
Charlotte Hayes Independent Woman’s Forum
Christine O’Donnell Senate Candidate
Craig Huey Congressional Candidate
Craig Shirley Author

Cyn Farahat Egyptian Political Activist
Dan Kish Institute for Energy Research

Daria Novak, Candidate for Congress

David A. Keene, Chairman, NRA

David Bossie Producer
David Limbaugh Author
David Petrusza Author
Debra Burlingame Keep America Safe

Deneen Borelli Project 21
Dick Armey Freedom Works

Doug Hartlove Fair Tax Director NJ

Dr. Rick Fisher
Dr. William Evers Stanford University

Ed Gillespie, Presidential Advisor, Chairman RNC
Edward Turzanski Foreign Policy Research Institute, security analyst at La Salle University.

Erick Erickson , Radio Talk Show Host, Writer
Erik Telford Americans for Prosperity
Father Frank Pavone Priests For Life
Frank Gaffney ,Founder, President, American Center for Security Policy
Gary Marks Faith & Freedom Coalition

Gary Wolfram, Professor, Hillsdale College

Grover Norquist Author, Writer
Hadley Heath , Independent Woman’s Forum
Herb London Hudson Institute

Jack Ambramoff Former Lobbyist , Author
Jacob Feldman, Professor Rutgers University

James Carifano, Heritage Foundation
James O’Keefe, Documentary Producer, Journalist
Janet Morano Priests For Life
Janine Turner, Co-Chairman Constituting America, Radio Talk Show Host, Actress
Jeff Field Catholic League

Jeff Kuhner Washington Times, Talk show host

Jerome Corsi Author, Writer
Joe Goldner, Congressional Candidate
John Bennett The Hill

John Bolton, Ambasator
John Fund, Writer,
Jordan Sekulow American Center For Law and Justice

Julia Gunlock, Independent Woman’s Forum
Karin Agness President of the Network of Enlightened Women, Inc.

Ken Blackwell ACRU

Ken Cuccinelli Attorney’s General of Virginia

Kevin McCullough, Author
Mac McQuown Political and Veterans Activist
Malia Zimmerman, Writer
Marijo Tinlin, Author

Mattie Corrao, Executive Director Center for Fiscal Accountability

Michael Barone, Political Analyst, Pundit, Journalist

Michael Rubin, American Enterprise Institute

Michelle Easton Clare Booth Luce

Pam Bondi Attorney’s General of Florida

Pamela Geller
Paul E. Rondeau American Life League

Peter Ferrara, ACRU
Phillys Schaffley Founder, Eagle Foundation

Phil Kerpen, Author . Vice President, Americans For Prosperity
Ralph Banko, Author

Ralph Reed Faith & Freedom Coalition Richard Pompelio NJ Crime Victims Law Center

Robert Knight ACRU Conservative writer

Rosa Perez Leonetti Smart Girl Politics
Sam Rohrer, Senate Candidate
Scott Rasmussen, Rasmussen Reports

SE Cupp, Political Commentator, Writer, Co-author

Seton Motley, Founder, President of Less Government

Sharon Angle, Senate Candidate
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sheriff Maricopa County Arizona

Stacey Mott , Smart Girl Politics
Stephen Bannon Producer
Steve Milloy Junk
Steve Moore Writer, Author, Writer
Surya Lacono , Documentary Producer
Suzanne Terrell Woman Working for Change

Tad Dehaven, Cato Institute

Terry McCormick Author
Thomas Ryan, Provide Security

Tim Phillips Americans For Prosperity
Tim Smith, Chairman, Fight Waste New Jersey

Tracey Bailey American Association Of Educators

Whalid Phares. Middle East Expert


  1. Toni Chester October 19, 2014 10:56 pm  Reply

    How do we obtain a list of who will be coming on in upcoming shows?

    • commando October 24, 2014 3:07 pm  Reply

      Unfortunately we do not have a list of upcoming shows as many of our guests are planned last minute, but we will do our best to let our listeners know ahead of time.

  2. Toni Chester October 23, 2014 8:27 pm  Reply

    When will you be having Raymond Herrera on your show as a guest?

    • commando October 24, 2014 3:08 pm  Reply

      We are currently in talks with Mr. Herrera in order to get him on our show, we hope he will join the commandos soon tho!

  3. Patrick J. Fornari May 9, 2015 10:56 am  Reply

    Rick, how do I secure an interview on your show regarding my book?
    “Commoner Sense” “The Working Person’s Guide to America”
    Thank you, Patrick J. Fornari

  4. Patrick J. Fornari May 9, 2015 11:00 am  Reply

    Rick, how do I secure an interview with you regarding my book?
    “Commoner Sense”
    “The Working Person’s Guide to America”
    Thank you,
    Patrick J. Fornari

  5. Donna Wiesner Keene February 17, 2017 5:07 pm  Reply

    David A. Keene, Chairman, NRA

    David Keene is the former President of the NRA, currently Opinion Editor, The Washington Times

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