Winter Nor’Easter Sets Example for Politicians

KLW Commentary – Just Pick Up a Shovel and Do It.


January 25, 2016


Last week a low pressure system wandered across the meteorological maps of North America. It dipped into the southlands before being caught up and swept northeast by the jet stream. At the same time a cold north and northwest wind set in blowing cold Canadian air across the eastern half of the US. As the low pressure cell moved up the coast it intensified into a raging “Nor-easter” dumping feet of snow. Fierce and constant winds howled for more than 24-hours as the storm set about to interrupt life for 70-million people between Charlotte and New Haven.


As the wind ebbed and the snow subsided neighbors emerged bundled against the chill and shovels in-hand to get to the work of digging out.


As always happens, the good people of all the affected communities came together to get things done by helping one another. Teams shoveled where the work was too much for one. Groups of men helping someone stuck in his car due to too much snow and too little tread on the tires. Younger people helping the elderly. Wives and daughters delivering coffee and hot cocoa to their helpful neighbors.


There was a lot of sharing. Sharing the work. Sharing the shovels, Sharing the brooms. Sharing the salt. Sharing the jumper cables and in other places sharing snow blowers and someone’s blade-mounted pickup truck.


Most importantly, people were sharing life together, facing its difficulties and by working together working through those difficulties, through those feet of snow; making things better for everyone.


That low pressure system and “Nor-easter” did more to bring people together than any politician or government program ever could.


Maybe that’s the lesson for all of us. People know what is wrong without some authority’s expert opinion. They know what to do without a governing council. They know how to do it without a Federal training program or license of certification.


If we waited for instructions from Washington or directions from Dover or Trenton or Harrisburg we’d still be up to our backsides in snow.


People, certainly the American people, will know what needs to be done and how to do it. Generally the people will also find the most effective and efficient way to do get it done.


So when you look at the large issues before our country. The things more long-lasting than a winter snow storm. Maybe we can draw the same conclusion about whether we should wait for the government experts or “just do it.”

When a small business wants to expand and build and hire, let’s not force delays for thoughtless permits and senseless impact statements. Let’s get government out of the way and just do it. We need the jobs.


When a community wants to improve local schools involve the teachers and the local parents. Keep Washington’s experts and their Common Core on a leash and away from our kids. We need educated and well-prepared citizens. So let’s just do it.


The over arching message in the American experience for 200 years and the recent weekend blizzard is the same. People do best when they are free and unhindered to react and overcome what affects us all. There is a “can do” attitude to make things better and better quickly that always succeeds if you get big government out of the way. You just have to pick up a shovel, stand with your neighbor and your entire community and “just do it.”


I’m Kevin Wade and that’s the way I see it.


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