We are Not a Small People – Commentary by Kevin Wade

Hear Kevin Wade’s commentary on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show from 12/5/16. Read it below!


The final 40+ days of the Obama era are winding down to its whimpering final curtain. The only good history will find in these bad 8-years is that it opened a doorway to the time of Donald Trump.


Only Jimmy Carter could have set the stage for the entry of Ronald Reagan. So too Obama’s constant dithering on decisive action while presenting endless speeches about his delusional political visions set the stage for the most decisive and non-political figure in my lifetime to hold the office of Chief Executive.


Where Obama governed by decree, his executive orders, because he lacked broad support for any of his major policies. Now Donald Trump seems to be building head of steam, a steam of growing broad popularity, even before taking office. His rapid delivery on a campaign promise to save jobs at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis is in itself a refreshing change. He made a simple deal using the tools available to Indiana’s Governor Pence. A token offering of business development incentives, about $700 per job saved per year, combined with Trump’s considerable powers of business persuasion resulted in over a thousand jobs staying in Indiana and not going to Monterrey, Mexico.


A lot of Americans are seeing this Trump guy is something apart. He made a campaign promise that he kept. Isn’t that different? He kept the soaring rhetoric to a minimum in advance of this success. He talks about it after it’s done. For him it’s another day in the office.


For the 10’s of millions forgotten for decades by the Washington elites, the Carrier turnabout is a thunderclap sounding the advance of a new prosperity. A prosperity built on the original truth that an American President must work for Americans first.


A president’s strength in getting things done in Washington is based on the strength of support from the people across the country, not the career politicos in Congress. The House and the Senate will ultimately yield to the will of the people. This is especially true when any president is able to rally a national constituency to pressure their House members and Senators to support a popular president’s agenda. Reagan mastered this short cut to accomplishment. He went over the heads of ranking Congressmen directly to American voters.


This very early success of Donald Trump has certainly bound blue collar workers in Indianapolis to him. A few more high profile victories in other places saving American jobs will cement his popularity with those redeemed workers and their friends and families. That bond is very personal. It’s very long durable.

The idea that one combative determined man stepped up to honor his word and stepped in to save your job when others for years now wouldn’t even notice you. Well, that my friend is a source of real hope to forgotten Americans. It also is a durable source of strength when dealing with the career weasels of Washington.


Soon enough the lying rhetoric and campaign accusations of the left will melt away like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. According to their dark narratives, Trump’s a predatory capitalist only concerned for his own wealth and caring nothing for the real folks who make up this country.


Each small success Trump delivers for the factory towns across the heartland destroys the left’s ability to oppose his greater agenda. As his bond grows with small town Americans, and we are all small town Americans, so too will grow his strength in facing down a hesitant Congress.


The essential most lacking in the US today is trust. The belief that powerful people behind closed doors are working for us as they promised in public squares hasn’t existed for many years. Trump has the opportunity to re-establish that powerful bond. If he’s able to build that trust, that bond, with the people of this country, then he will be the long awaited unifier. The singular figure who brings united back to the United States.


Though troubles exist in every direction today and the cupboard was left bare by the Obama Administration, there is also a real glimmer of a new horizon and a new day.


Donald Trump is not a practiced and calculating politician. I do think he is infused with remarkable instincts for understanding people. I also think, and have had this confirmed by people of character and faith close to his campaign, that he has become a better man. His campaign experience of meeting privately with so many good people, in bad circumstances not of their own making, has wizened Donald Trump. It has humbled him in private ways as he finally realized he is the messenger for a redeeming movement.


I also think that a President Trump bonded in trust with everyday Americans can accomplish a remarkable and historic reawakening to all that is good and true in this country. That is no small thing but he is no small man and we are not a small people.


I’m Kevin Wade and that’s the way I see it.



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