U.S. to Toughen Ebola Screening at Airports


By Patricia Zengerle

WASHINGTON Wed Oct 8, 2014 7:30am EDT


“US Senator Chris Coons, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Africa subcommittee, said more extreme proposals, such as stopping travelers or banning flights could lead to the targeting of any traveler who looked African or barring aid workers trying to come home.”

    “It’s dangerous that we’ve got some folks in the heights of an election season stoking fears of Ebola and proposing expensive, unwieldy and unreasonable solutions such as trying to test and quarantine folks at airports,” Coons said, referring to congressional elections on Nov. 4.”

According to Michelle Malkin’s website TWICHY, which specializes in capturing and monitoring political tweets, Chris Coons tweeted out from his official U.S. Senate office Twitter account —


Senator Chris Coons         @ChrisCoons       Follow

Stop Freaking Out About America’s Single Ebola Death, and Start Worrying About West Africa http://www.newrepublic.com/article/119759/ebola-outbreak-more-screening-wont-stop-epidemic-africa … via @CitizenCohn and @tnr

2:38 PM – 12 Oct 2014

Chris Coons admits sending the tweet, but distracts by saying that it was the title of the news article at the left-wing magazine New Republic that he was forwarding.  But of course he was endorsing and does endorse the news article and the title.  Most people put their own comment when forwarding an article on Twitter.  Chris Coons has NOT  suggested that he disagrees with the contents of what he tweeted.  He has not apologized or in any way distanced himself from the messages.

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