Sanders and Trump: Point A/Point B Theory

Trump & Bernie: From Point A to Point B Without Reason.


Many have tried to both statistically and philosophically decode the near-robotic processes of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders magnetizing supporters. I am among the many.


After rigorous thought and meticulous searching for a fleshed out analogy, I came to quite a simple conclusion. The conclusion is simple because the reasoning (or lack thereof) is simple. The thrust is simple, the magnetism is simple, and the priorities are simple. It just goes from point A to point B.


I’ve found that points A&B represent plans and outcomes, respectively. It is cause then effect, or action then reaction.


The President should be an iconic man or woman who rationalizes with his people, designing the best way possible for a citizen to get from point A to point B. We’ve seen many come through and be rejected for being too boring.


I think the whole idea of a “President” has far outgrown its original intent. The people should be electing policies, and therein a principled person to consistently support those policies. Instead, the people want propagators of their own agendas with lack of concern for the bridge between points A and B.


Point A is priority. It is the addiction to immediate concerns that flood through the human’s emotions. It is the prioritization of moral superiority over popular sovereignty. Point A fosters daddy issues. The people suckle the facets of their government and grow nurtured from only its fruits. Point A is a plug in the wall that powers life support provided by that government. The fear of unplugging that wire bears more intimidation than national security, economic stability, and radical tyranny. Point A is the rash, naïve, and immediate solution to an eternal problem. It is the bandage repeatedly applied to a gaping flesh wound in fear that a proven surgical procedure might make things worse. It is the household remedy that is taboo to change based on indoctrination to fear the unknown. Unfortunately, many unknown perceptions are known by most. Point A lives for the moment and is scared of greeting the next point of the alphabet in the future.


Point B is the justified ends. It is the comfort in blind-siding a journey to bask in the glory of a destination. It is the fascination of nationalism promoted through an assertive political giant. The leader will point to point B and promise to mitigate the road to get there. A stimulated amygdala promotes rationalizing with fear while bypassing the reason to overcome it. No matter how unrealistic, unprincipled, or unlikely reaching point B becomes, the rash trust in the no-nonsense messiah will trigger his descent to Earth. Any messiah other than Jesus Christ is much more limited on Earth than he is in fantasyland.


Bernie Sanders favors the theoretical point A. Donald Trump favors point B.


Bernie Sanders promises point A without conceding to the eventual point B. The chosen people will thrive off the fruits of another’s labor until those fruits wither in a perpetual drought. That drought, of course, would be wrought from the many working citizens who don’t want to pay for freeloaders. Socialism is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious until we run out of other people’s money. That’s the point B this generation will truly feel the Bern under.


Donald Trump promises point B without recognizing the first step of point A. Nary a Trump supporter can identify one plan or proposal detailed by the businessman. Trump slaps the label “Great” on point A and pretends it doesn’t exist. There must be ground to drive on before approaching the bridge to point B. Unfortunately, no matter how many airplanes that man owns, he cannot make this country grow wings.


The American Promise will only be realized after massive reform not by a man, nor a woman, but by the people. The people need to rally behind principle and develop an understanding for what has worked and what has failed throughout history. My friends, history is no closed book. No man can forge a key to lock history unless he dictates the content of education, media, and free speech. It is a dismal day when the commonwealth realizes that all three are ready to be seized by the governing regime of the (once) United States of America.


But of course, reason does not apply where reason never existed so, carry on.



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  1. elliott May 2, 2016 3:48 pm  Reply

    I listened to your comments on the left’s mobilization of violence during conservative events. And I appreciate the angle on which you attacked it.
    Let me Focus tighter on what and who to blame. Yes the Democrats, but more specifically, Hillary. But there’s more to it than that, it’s the campaigning and specifically the labeling that has to be applied. They have to be forced to own it. I like to call it exactly what it is, ” Hillary’s brownshirts”. Yes, Hillary’s Hitler brownshirts. It must be said over and over again like one of Trump’s nicknames for his opponents. It must be said by Trump, the eventual nominee and everybody that follows him. And, it must be tied to Hillary oshmama and all the other Demorats

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