Rowan University Vandalized, Protested in the name of ‘tolerance’

Rowan University College Democrats staged a protest of President Trump’s moratorium on immigration. An anonymous student from the Rowan Republicans club attended the protest to find out why. Here’s what he found out.

The student said,
“The Rowan Democrat Club was protesting outside of the Student Center today and I “hung out” with them wearing my white MAGA hat. Here is what I learned from them, quotations are things that were actually said:”

3. “America belongs to everyone on Earth”
4. “All humans should enjoy American freedom, regardless of their citizenship”
5. “Refugees are more deserving of government aid than homeless veterans”
6. “Fuck Donald Trump”
7. “Fuck Hillary”
8. “Fuck Bernie”
9. They do not follow any particular candidate, just “The Democrat”
10. If you debate them, they will simply yell and chant louder
11. They are bad at making signs, with many unreadable or misspelled
12. “Fuck Obama”
13. They did not care when Obama banned Iraqi citizens were banned in 2011, but care now
14. They do not care that the countries banned in the Executive Order were not chosen by President Trump, but actually by Obama’s Department of Homeland Security.
15. “You can’t just stand here and tell us we are wrong”
16. “No, you really cannot protest our protesting”
17. “Free Palestine”
18. “Israel should not exist”
19. “We support Israel and Palestine”
20. “Israel should be under Islamic Rule”
21. “No, Muslims do not persecute Jews”
22. “No, Israel does not have the right to follow their own religion”
23. “No, this is not Anti-Semitic, we love everyone”
24. More students passing by paid attention to me rather than the protesters, with many shaking my hand, cheering for me, taking pictures with me, and making fun of the protesters with me.

Unknown vandals have drawn graffiti on the signs outside of Rowan’s historic Hollybush Mansion, the location of the Glassboro Summit Conference where President Lyndon B. Johnson met with Soviet Union Premier Alexei Kosygin in 1967.

Any donations can be made out to “Rowan University College Republicans” and mailed directly to Rowan University, located at 201 Mullica Hill Rd, Glassboro, NJ 08028

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