Rot in the Leadership – Washington’s Bad Apples

June 8th, 2015 on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show, Kevin Wade outlined how our country has grown rotten in leadership.


You can hear this commentary on the June 8th 2015 show found here:


KLW Commentary – Rot in the Leadership

June 08, 2015

In this nation gripped in crisis dangers set in from every direction. Our traditional centuries-old prosperity has been replaced with economic decay. Our young who for generations started adult life with a “leg-up” in comparison to their parents now wander between rootless short-term jobs. The best health care structure in the world has been upended by thoughtless Obamacare requirements with ever fewer physicians to meet every growing needs. Our public schools that were once the envy of the world are now settings for classroom disruption and endless student national standards testing that show again and again we don’t lead the world. We don’t even keep up with our own past.


The fiber of the nation is based on strong families. Yet today the concept of family, mom and dad, even something as obvious as male and female has lost its essential clarity. More and more kids are broken by lack of any structure in their lives. All due to the lack of structure in so many not-quite-families today.


Violence all too often bubbles to the surface in too many communities. This a sad product of the loss of the essential family structure. Police are faced with cleaning the streets of society’s criminal problems and public dangers while being blamed for the almost impossible job of restoring order; sometimes by needed force.


Hollywood hypocrites blame an assortment of big city violence problems on the 2nd Amendment and constitutional access to firearms. All the while growing rich depicting sensational images of humans destroying humans; in vivid high definition and complete with Dolby digital sound effects. They call it “art” as they add millions of dollars into their personal wealth. It is not art, it’s simply perverted.


Hollywood’s promotion of obscene barbaric violence for entertainment is no different than the ancient death pageants in the Roman coliseum. There is one variation. Hollywood presents their spectacles to hundreds of millions of people.


We have established churches that no longer seem to believe their own faith. They aren’t willing to stand apart from and above the popular culture to challenge the community to do better and be better. Then they wonder why the pews are empty on Sunday.


The all-encompassing problem is this. The leaders of this nation, from all corners of life, no longer believe in the principles of this nation. They no longer believe in the higher purposes of the people of this nation. They no longer believe in us.


So, as with all things and at all times, the problem is one of leadership. Rot in the leadership spreads through the body of the nation. Leadership counts all the time and it counts every time.


I am not one to see our tragic circumstances as insoluble; as a decided and irreversible fate.


I see it as the moment of a reawakening. Our people are better than this and will demand better than this. If we can’t find leaders of strength and purpose, we the people will find it in ourselves. If the present political parties are unwilling to meet the historic needs of this country, to be agents of the better angels of our nature, they must be swept aside. There is no part of the US Constitution that mentions Republican or Democrat.


This republic will again flourish, prosperity will return, and peace be restored when the people turn away from today’s rot and rotten leadership. This republic is too precious to be abandoned to bad hands. It is time for We the People to pick up this nation and carry it on our shoulders to a new, firm and healthy ground. We will do this not for ourselves but in honor of all who came before and countless generations to come. I am ready. I know you are too.



I’m Kevin Wade and that’s the way I see it.





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