Republicans Coming Out Of The Woodwork: Multiple Potential 2016 Candidates Arise At Once

This week saw multiple headlines about republicans mobilizing, forming a campaign staff and heavily implying their candidacy in 2016. Notably Rand Paul and Mitt Romeny forming their 2016 campaign staff, the latter surprising many after Romeny’s comments claiming he would not run again. A question comes to mind: is it too early? With an election close to two years from now, it seems like political suicide to announce candidacy this early in the race. We saw this in 2012 with Hilary Clinton starting off early and strong, but losing momentum (thankfully) and losing her primary election. As many of her brainless zombies dedicated followers  are already canvassing for her in 2016, we will most likely see a similar result. In this reporters opinion, the democratic push for a female candidate will be shifted to self proclaimed satanist marxist, Elizabeth Warren. Could a republican candidate avoid a similar fate? Either way, we have the makings of a very interesting Democratic and Republican primary in the years to come, with a battlebetween “Neo-Conservatives” like Jebediah Bush, “Tea Partiers” like Rand Paul and Rick Santorum, and “moderates” like Chris Christie. Do you think its too early to talk up a candidate, or a candidate to imply their candidacy? Let us know in comments below. And who do you want as the Republican candidate in 2016? You can fill out your top 3 choices for the GOP to see on their website at


And don’t forget, write ins are an option as Rick Trader has never said he wouldn’t run!

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