Putting Congress on Overtime – A Proposal

The career Democrats in Congress and those liberal progressives in the black robes of the Federal Courts are doing everything possible to defeat President Trump after his election. They were unable to do it though the voters in the states in an open and fair election in November. Now they do it through legislative roadblocks and judicial ambush; delaying the President’s promised Make America Great Again legislation in Congress and ignoring in liberal courts the long-standing laws duly applied by President Trump to secure the safety of our nation.


Yesterday I spoke with a colleague who spent hours observing a House meeting to mark up, to clarify, upcoming legislation. The Democrat Maxine Waters used every stunt available to turn a 15-minute routine exercise into a day and half marathon. She even held up the work by challenging the basic and traditional rules of the House of Representatives that apply to these efforts. Maxine Waters’ tactics are but one example of the maneuvering by Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats to cripple the effective operations of Congress and to delay passage of urgent elements of President Trump’s agenda.


The Senate is entangled and obstructed by Democrats in the same way. Look at the delays in confirming a handful of well-qualified nominees to head executive departments. There are hundreds other routine appointments awaiting confirmation, log jammed, behind these initial presidential appointments.


The President ran for office in 2016 on the most specific platform of any candidate in my memory. He did not campaign on noble but obscure sentiments; hope and change for example from 2008. He ran, instead, on clear commitments to take specific actions for the American people. These were all defined in his famous speech at Gettysburg on October 22nd.


There he put forth his contract – Border wall, extreme vetting with complete background checks on immigrants, restoring community safety by direct support of local police, restoring our broken military, eliminating the corruption by special interests and dirty donors in Washington, vouchers for the parents to place their kids in parochial and other private schools, if they so choose, major tax reform and tax rate reduction and his keystone commitment to replace Obamacare.


President Trump rightfully considers this campaign contract to be his promise to the American people. This is his personal obligation to the country to be an American President and to put America first by keeping each promise.


The people of this country are decidedly practical. They judge any president and any congress by the results delivered. It’s not a left thing nor a right thing. It is simply the measure of a practical people of the practical results they see in their own lives.


The Democrats know this too. With the passage of each bill delivering on Trump’s promise there will be a cascade of successes. Observable improvement at the border, a growing sense of greater peace, law and order in our own towns, parents and students unbound from failing schools finally getting an education that serves their futures according to their values, more pay in the paycheck, more and better jobs, real growth across the board in the economy and of course the repeal, finally, of Obamacare and the great financial hardship it poses to the greater number of our people.


That cascade of success will bury the Democrat Party and its wrong-headed extreme leftist agenda that failed the American people and divided and damaged our country. President Trump’s successes will bury the Democrats in 2018 and for a very long time to come.


This why the Democrats and the collaborators in the judiciary will try every stunt to block President Trump. They do it for self-preservation. They need a sick and angry public to further their sick and angry agenda.


Time is not on President Trump’s side. Each of his healthy prescriptions need time to take root, take hold, produce good fruits and bring benefits. The sooner he can act the sooner our practical people will feel the benefits.


No one can stop the delay tactics but there is something that’s guaranteed to overwhelm those Democrat delays. It’s time for Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnel to expand the work week in Congress. Move from the present 3-day legislative week to a 6-day week. Hold hearings into the night. Let Democrats delay at 9 pm but be back at work at 7 am. Wear them down before you wear out the patience of the people back home. America wants action and Republicans control the calendar. Use it. Use it to make good on your promises to folks back home.


It’s time to make good on promises made. It’s time for Congress to work as hard as the people back home who pay their salaries. It’s time for Congress to work overtime and more to Make America Great Again!


I’m Kevin Wade and that’s the way I see it.


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