WILMINGTON, DELAWARE (October 30, 2014) –  A gripping campaign advertisement began running in Delaware.  This appears to be the nation’s first Republican ad laying the blame on Democrat policies for placing the American people at risk.  It rolled out on WMDT-TV first and statewide cable television.

The tough new ad highlights the unpopular policies of President Barack Obama and Democrat Party leaders concerning how to protect the American people from the spread of Ebola and other diseases crossing America’s borders.

The ad titled “Chris Coons’ Ebola Zone” is targeting Democrat freshman incumbent US Senator Chris Coons, because Coons is Chair of the Africa Subcommittee of the Democrat-dominated United States Senate.  Republican challenger Kevin Wade contends that all throughout the last year it was Coons’ job to raise the alarm about Ebola and to take the lead in proposing solutions. 

The Ebola outbreak started in the Autumn of 2013.  So, freshman Senator Chris Coons was “asleep at the lectern” for the last year, Wade explains.  Coons is the Democrats # 1 voice and eyes and ears concerning the continent of Africa.

The ad is being aired by candidate Kevin Wade, Republican nominee or U.S. Senate from Delaware.  The new Delaware Republican Party has new leadership under Chairman Charlie Copeland and Vice Chairman Nelly Jordan.

Kevin Wade is a businessman and engineer who founded his international engineering consulting business around his Christiana, Delaware, kitchen table 30 years ago.  Wade graduated from the University of Delaware and worked for DuPont after going to work straight out of high school in a steel mine. Wade is widely popular among all Delaware Republicans: 


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