Intern Intel from CPAC 2015

CPAC 2015 last weekend was a surreal moment for three young interns attending their first Conservative Convention.

“Seeing so many of our inspirations in person made the trip quite memorable” -Dan Pelosi

Vince with Col. Allen West

Vince with Col. Allen West


For Vince, age 17, having the opportunity to see Mark Levin speak outside his bunker was “exhilarating”. He also found Mark’s ending word of “kill ISIS!” to be the “cherry on top” of an amazing speech.





Matteo,  age 18, was astounded by the amount of support for the conservative movement. He was especially pleased with the politicians’ thankfulness for young conservatives getting involved. In particular, Sean Hannity shared small talk even whilst running down radio row. Taking a selfie with Matteo, Hannity called him “handsome”.

Matteo's 'Selfie' with Sean Hannity

Matteo’s ‘Selfie’ with Sean Hannity







Dan with his hero, Rick Santorum

Dan with his hero, Rick Santorum

Dan, age 18, was refreshed and pleasantly surprised with the large number of young conservative advocates. His favorite moment taken away from CPAC was when he had the privilege to meet and talk to former Senator Rick Santorum. From an early age, Dan’s biggest political influence was Rick. When telling Rick what an influence he has had over Dan, Mr. Santorum was eternally grateful and in shock.








These three boys intern for the Conservative Commandos Radio Show, operating media outlets and performing research. At CPAC, Matteo produced audio interviews while Vince & Dan greeted guests with information about the show. Listen to the CCRShow on Spreaker to hear the interviews that the Conservative Commandos and the interns worked on!

The boys posing in front of an NRA backdrop

The boys posing in front of an NRA backdrop











Written by Dan Pelosi with the help of Matteo Iadonisi.



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    – Kate your creativity is enesdls! I love it. These are just so cool. Love your locations, your skies, your new studio work!! And most importantly you are ORIGINAL. I see people trying to emulate your style all over the net but they are just sad imitators! You are the one and only!!!

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