“Divided?”- A statement from “The American Commoner”

The American Commoner was formed in 2006 with a goal 0f defend Americans’ unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The American Commoner recently contacted us with the following message:



The unending fight for power and dominance has divided our great country.  They, the elected government officials and their king makers, have successfully mastered the art of manipulation over the dominion of the American citizenry.

They divide us on every aspect of our societal ways:

They divide us on race.

They divide us on gay rights.

They divide us on gun rights.

They divide us on women’s rights.

They divide us between the rich and the poor.

They divide us on the environment.

They divide us on religion.

They divide us on our right to work.

By no means is this an exhaustive list but just a fragment of the propaganda they use to divide and conquer us.  What gives them the right?  Or better yet, why do we allow this?    Is it human nature, lack of intelligence, greed, power quests, envy, jealousy, or corruption?  It is fair to say that exploitation on all these fronts is accurate and their drive for total control is most domineering.

By Declaration and Constitution, we are a free people.  Why then are we so quick to allow a few people to drive a stake through our founding documents and ration off our freedoms?  Much blood and treasury have been sacrificed over the centuries to create, protect, and honor our American rights.  Let us not be so quick to give them away.

When we are divided, those in power do as they wish without regard for law or Constitution.  There is no country or civilization that has cultured such a successful reign as our free market system and representative government.  Why would anyone or any group want to fundamentally change such a successful equation?  No one will argue that our system is not without faults.  We are human; we will always have flaws.  We should not be divided by differences of opinion, for rational and logical thought along with tempered emotion is our strength and should be honored and celebrated.  We stand as one nation, one people.

We do not have to be divided.  We have the power and the numbers to right our ship.  This is our country, not the authoritarians that seek to control and divide us.  We can agree to disagree on the many topics that make our great society and then move forward.  We must preserve our founding documents at all costs and replace our corrupted career politicians with real leadership that promotes effective and efficient government instead of the large bureaucratic nightmare that is bankrupting us.  We have the intelligence, resources, and resolve to do what is right.  Our country works best when we are balanced and have sustained equilibrium.  Let us, we the people, set the agenda for our new world order – not the politicos that set us against one another.

It is the intention of the American Commoner Foundation to develop a team of like-minded individuals and groups who will speak the truth and help right the great ship we call home.  This blog will highlight thoughts, concerns, and areas of need, as well as call out those that go against our American freedoms, rights, families, and way of life.  Please join us in this endeavor.  Get involved; help us fight the good fight.  Stand with one another as a strong, free, and proud people.  Visit our website, www.americancommoner.org, to sign up, get involved, and become part of the solution.


Do you like this message? go to www.americancommoner.org to join them. What do you think about the American Commoner? let us know below.

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