Congressman Phil Roe Challenges the IPAB

Congressman Phil Roe is speaking with the Conservative Commandos on December 12 at 4:35 EST about even more threats from the government. Listen to the show by clicking this link tonight:

Under Obamacare, Phil Roe states, “the Independent Payment Advisory Board [(IPAB)] will consist of fifteen unelected bureaucrats who are granted substantial powers to reduce Medicare spending”. 

Doctor Phil Roe represents the First Congressional District of Tennessee.

He is a resident of Johnson City serving his third term in Congress, and is committed to working on behalf of the First District, Tennessee and our nation.  He Serves as the Chair of the Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions.

Congressman Roe voted to protect the people of Tennessee from executive overreach, keeping the government open, on December 11.

Read more about Congressman Phil Roe and the dangers of Obamacare in his article: CHALLENGING THE IPAB

Quote taken from Phil Roe’s article, found here:

December 12’s show also features guests such as:

Bundy Cobb

Bundy Cobb

Cobb, a retired insurance agent and Army veteran, is an NRA-certified firearms safety instructor and runs a business teaching gun safety. He and his wife vote “in every election,” carefully researching candidates and their positions before casting a vote.

Shannon L. Goessling

Shannon L. Goessling is Executive Director for Southeastern Legal Foundation, an Atlanta, Georgia-based public interest law firm and policy center. Goessling was the 2002 GOP nominee and candidate for Georgia Attorney General. A former public servant, Goessling worked as a Senior Assistant District Attorney in metro Atlanta, prosecuting crimes against women and children. A lifelong conservative,  working toward limited government, law-and-order, and enhancement of constitutional liberties.

Todd Gaziano

Todd Gaziano joined Pacific Legal Foundation in 2014 as the Executive Director of PLF’s DC Center and as its Senior Fellow in Constitutional Law. He brings valuable experience from distinguished government jobs in all three branches of the federal government, positions in the private sector, and as a long-time, nonprofit foundation scholar and leader in the freedom-based public interest legal movement.

Mr. Gaziano has been a frequent legal commentator in print, radio, broadcast and cable TV programs, before congressional committees, and in many other public settings.

Todd Gaziano

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