3 Men Change America’s Political Winds

On July 06, 2015, Kevin Wade delivered a commentary, titled ,”3 Men Change America’s Political Winds”

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KLW Commentary – 3 Men Change America’s Political Winds


July 13, 2015


After years of down play and avoidance the national problem of millions of uninvited illegal aliens in our country has captured America’s attention.


This eruption and attention is due to three men. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly. Sanchez killed a women in broad daylight as she walked with her father in the heart of the tourist district in San Francisco. Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the GOP Presidential nomination with a blistering attack on illegal alien Mexicans a two weeks before Sanchez killed Kate Steinle on that busy pier on the San Francisco waterfront. Bill O’Reilly made this story the headline on his nightly talk show on Fox News.


After years during which most of the Republican leadership avoided honest and growing concerns about broken borders, Sanchez, Trump and O’Reilly have brought turmoil to the placid race for President. At the same time, the Democrat leadership that had long downplayed the frustrations of everyday Americans is seeing an electorate harden it opposition to Democrat liberal open borders/amnesty policies.


This intense reaction of Americans across the country shows the political leadership does not understand or willfully ignores the everyday experience of the American people. A lot of people feel the game is rigged against them. They think with good cause that illegals are costing too much money, taking too many starting jobs, gaining unfair advantage, and in the case of Sanchez are a threat to life and safety. Many American people feel that no one cares. This is because all of the evidence shows that no one in Washington really does care.


So what happens now? Trump has surged to the top of the polls on this one issue. If polling in the next few weeks shows that he drawing independent and blue collar democrat support, expect a full blown panic to overtake the political class in Washington.


There is more than enough daily news featuring crime caused by illegals to keep Bill O’Reilly supplied with stories and to keep a large part of the citizenry informed and inflamed. Sanchez’s background will continue to emerge. This is likely to affirm that Washington really doesn’t care about the border or your well-being. Donald Trump knows how to promote and draw attention and build out his growing support.


Other GOP candidates have got to say something. Condemning Trump will certainly please voters in the extreme liberal precincts, but they’re not voting Republican anyway. Democrats will accuse Trump and his supporters of racism. However, that card has been overplayed for too long and regular folks are wise to the game now.


America would not react if the country was not ready to react. Donald Trump is not so admired a figure to create an issue from thin air. He simply identified an issue that was festering for a long time. Leadership failures, again, created the problem. The problem begged for a real discussion with honesty and candor.


Now illegal aliens, broken borders, sanctuary cities, crime, lost jobs and the sense of American citizenship cheapened by the political hustlers has all burst to the surface.


I’m sorry we are having this discussion in this way and on these terms. It should have happened sooner. I’m even more sorry Kate Steinle was shot and died in her father’s arms.


So let’s have it out now. Let the people in a Presidential election decide the direction of the nation and what to do about borders and uninvited visitors. For that reason, for bring it to front and center, I’m glad Donald Trump is in the race.




I’m Kevin Wade and that’s the way I see it.





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