Rick Trader

Rick Trader - Executive Producer and Co-host

Rick Trader is the host, executive producer, and founder of the Conservative Commandos Radio Show. His diverse background in everything from aviation to starting a non-profit educational foundation, to public speaking, gives him a unique perspective to the issues that Americans face today. Rick has worked in the video, television, and radio production industry, as well as hosting of television and radio programs.

Rick created the Conservative Commandos Radio Show because he wanted to have a place to voice his conservative opinions, and give other conservatives the opportunity to return our country to the constitutional, Judeo-Christian roots our Founding Fathers envisioned. The Conservative Commandos Radio Show has become a place where conservative ideas, opinions, principles, values, and voices can be heard and shared with rest of the country.


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  1. Michelle Dillard February 25, 2015 8:58 pm  Reply

    Dennis Michael Lynch will be available Thursday, the 26th at CPAC’s Radio Row. If you have time available and you would like to speak with potential 2016 candidate, Dennis Michael Lynch, please contact me so that we can schedule a time.

    Thank you,
    Michelle Dillard
    Media Relations
    Team DML
    (719) 213-3025

  2. Mike Hotz March 3, 2016 11:21 pm  Reply

    I am not selling you anything.
    I am asking for your assistance. I am a Master’s level Clinical Mental Health Counselor I am working to establish a program for veterans who need mental health help in rural areas. I live 2 hours from the nearest VA mental health center and the veterans who need help in my area have to travel all that way to receive treatment. I would love to provide services in our community, to these veterans. I would like to provide these services at little or no cost to the veterans.
    What I need is seed capital. I need as much investment capital as I can acquire to have a stable organization to serve these veterans. I am not asking you to provide all the funds I am asking for any amount from a small donation to large, donations up to $10,000.00 can be given with no tax implications. This combined with along with help from numerous other individuals and perhaps some organizations would make it so I can finance this endeavor for the short and long term. Please help in whatever way you can.
    My monthly bills are quite high due to my just graduating with my Master’s degree. If I can get these down I can survive on much less. I have about $400,000.00 in debt this includes, my mortgage, student loans, car payments and other miscellaneous debt. My monthly bills to live on are $3438.00 if I remove the large debt. This includes rental of office space and a small salary for me to live on.
    I would ask for any amount to help pay the debt, a check for the whole amount or anything in-between would be of a great help. Again any donation up to $10,000.00 can be given with no tax implications on the part of either party. I look forward to hearing from you and I will gladly provide you with a preliminary business plan to show what I want to do, when I get started. I just need funding first. I would love to receive the entire $400,000.00 to be fully debt free and serve veterans. This is my goal. I do have an income of around $3000.00 my VA disability compensation a month that is nearly all I need to survive, but only survive. I still need to have money to eat and pay basic expenses and a small salary.
    Another issue, I started smoking cigarettes when I was 19; while in the USMC, because it was the thing to do, I smoked ultra light 100 Marlboro because they were safer, so we were told at the time. On 01/23/2016 at the age of 47, I found out I have COPD. According to Web MD® Smoking to be specific, cigarette smoke is by far the most common reason people get COPD.
    I know none of us are guaranteed one more day, but according to everything I have read people, who are diagnosed with COPD generally, can expect to live 12-18 years after a COPD diagnosis, depending on the severity of the disease. According to that information I will not make it past 65. I am a 100% disabled veteran on top of the COPD. This complicates my ability to work as well, this due to conflicts between frequent doctor appointments and work.

    I am thankful for each day I have and I am thankful that most days are good. I have quit smoking and I feel better. If I cannot come up with some funds I will not be able to ensure my wife is taken care of, when I am gone. I am unable to get more than $50,000.00 in life insurance and this is not affordable, because of previous health issues.

    I am asking you for any assistance you can offer, whether it be financial or just some words of encouragement. An amount between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 would be of great help and there are no tax implications. You can contact me at the address and email listed below. I understand that you probably receive many requests like this one on a daily basis, so I truly understand if you cannot assist us. If I could obtain this money, my wife would be able to get by on what she makes in retirement. We will be able to save as much money as possible over the next 18 years to help her be as financially stable as possible in the future, when I am gone.

    Thank you for time and consideration,

    Michael P Hotz
    18827 County Road 32
    Sterling, CO 80751

  3. Maria P Flor October 18, 2016 1:15 am  Reply

    What Kind Of America Do We Want?

    While the forces behind Hillary’s campaign buckle down and continue to bombard the public with doubts about Trump, the reality of what this campaign is actually about hasn’t gone away. The fact is that we have two candidates who represent two very different ideas about which direction this country should take. And people can argue about who is worse but they will still implement their party’s agenda when elected and there is no turning back at that point. But it seems people are too absorbed with being outraged over anything Donald Trump does to notice or to care. Why is it we no longer hear about where each candidate stands on the issues? Maybe it’s because they know that Americans have more in common when we’re focused on the issues than we do when we allow our judgments to be guided by our emotions. What most Americans actually believe is that this country is headed in the wrong direction; that we staunchly support the principle of individual freedom; and that we trust in the authority and righteousness of the Constitution. Democrats are hoping that they can make Trump distasteful enough that Americans overlook Hillary’s real scandals and outraged enough to be willing to give up what matters most to us. If this election has shown us anything it is not to underestimate the American people. Hillary has the full force of the media, the US and foreign governments, politicians on both sides, and even the entertainment industry with her; while Trump has made it this far solely on the will of the American people. His success is the undeniable dissatisfaction of Americans with a government that ignores corruption yet penalizes its people, with politicians unwilling to represent the interest of their constituents, and the elites who feel the need to impose their own brand of morality in order to control everything we do because we’re just too inept and intolerant. The liberals spent the last 8 years taking over America. Now is not the time to be distracted or dismayed.

    If you want to be outraged at the accusations being launched at Trump, then you have to be outraged over what she actually did as Secretary of State with her personal email server, failures with Benghazi, foundation conflicts, relationships with Wall Street, Haiti debacle, numerous lies to government officials and the American people, but especially you to be outraged at her uncanny ability to avoid any responsibility or repercussion for any criminal offenses. What moral code would condemn Trump for his hard-core personality while absolving Hillary for leaving Americans to die then lying about it, violating federal laws that any staff member would be in jail for, using her position of power for personal gain? For this she’s given the honor to run for president?

    Are we really willing to give up our prosperity, our liberties, our Constitution to be ruled by an brazenly corrupt despot simply because we don’t like Donald Trump? The bottom line is our country is facing two very different futures and it is squarely in the hands of the American people which path we take. Hillary will appoint up to 4 Supreme Court Justices who will carry out her vision for America with no regard for the Constitution. Obama has already started to diminish our religious liberties, gun rights, and individual freedoms. Our Constitution will not survive a liberal Supreme Court. Donald Trump will defend our Constitution and secure democracy for the people. If you’re thinking of not voting you need to ask yourself: What’s more important to me? Feeling good about myself for not voting for anyone as I watch my country move closer towards tyranny? Or voting for an imperfect candidate in order to save her? We are Americans not fools or cowards. If the majority of Americans who don’t agree with the direction the country has taken and are tired of the corruption vote for Trump, he will win. If we stay home, Hillary will win. The future of our country is in our hands. What kind of America do we want?

  4. David Kletzkin November 21, 2016 2:06 pm  Reply

    American Heritage magazine is looking to re-launch its digital presence and would like to share our story on your show. We have been a national treasure of writings on U.S History for over 60 years!

    President and Editor Mr. Edwin Grosvenor would appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed about our efforts. Please check out our campaign http://kck.st/2fhsLWn

    Thank you!

    David Kletzkin
    Director of Business Development/Editor
    American Heritage Publishing
    P.O Box 1488
    Rockville, MD 20849
    Please visit our websites:
    American Heritage Magazine – AmericanHeritage.com

  5. Mark November 2, 2017 12:07 am  Reply

    Rick .. you blocked me on Facebook.. because you don’t know or understand how Caps work on Facebook.. So like I was saying. If you look under the Tab button and above the Shift button you have the caps button .. if you press that button again .. the caps disappear it makes you look less like a dumbass when you type… Help me help you learn.

    • RICK TRADER November 5, 2017 10:17 pm  Reply

      WELL MARK,


  6. Gregory Wrightstone December 12, 2017 8:35 am  Reply

    I would like to send a copy of my new book Inconvenient Facts to you. WHP host Ken Matthews called it the best book he has read on the subject of global warming. I am sure that your listeners would have an interest in the subject matter.

    Can you provide a mailing address?

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