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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 27, 2012

Contact: Rick Trader, contact(@)CCRShow.com

WNJC 1360 is New Flagship for The Conservative Commandos Radio Show

Beginning in January 7, 2013, WNJC 1360 in the Philadelphia, New Jersey Market will serve as the new flagship station for The Conservative Commandos Radio Show. It will retain the same time slot Monday-Friday from 3 pm – 5 pm. The move doubles the reach of the show’s broadcast area. For those outside the listening area, the program still will be simulcast. The “Listen Live Link” for WNJC can be found at this link…http://wnjc1360.com/listen-live/ Our “Listen Live Link” can also be found on our web site, www.ccrshow.com.

Rick Trader, Executive Producer of the show said: “We are taking a positive step forward to further promote the show and the conservative agenda in this country. Now is the time to step up, not back. Our political talk show guests and the issues we discuss will retain the same high quality programming that we are known for among our listenership.”

Previous guests on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show have included national figures such as: Governor Mike Huckabee, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Congressman Allen West, former Presidential candidates Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Herman Cain and best-selling Author David Limbaugh, among many others including Congressmen, Senators and prestigious experts.

For those in the listening area, the show will be located on 1360 AM. Those outside the listening area can listen live on the Internet at www.ccrshow.com.

For more information on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show, visit the web site at: www.ccrshow.com



Dinesh D’Souza , Author of The Roots of Obama’s Rage and the movie “2016:Obama’s America” will be a guest on The Conservative Commandos Radio Show on Monday, Sept. 24th.  The show airs weekdays 3-5 pm Eastern on WIFI, WNJC and over the Internet and covers the sixth largest media market in the United States.

D’Souza worked with famed Schindler’s List moviemaker Gerald Molen, to produce the record-setting political documentary of 2012 and one of the top grossing documentaries of all time. The film has grossed over $31 million and is on approximately 2,000 movie screens across the United States. The film is a riveting review of President Obama’s life told using his own words and writings to expose the man, his philosophy, and the associations he has kept throughout his life. 2016: Obama’s America has won praise for a wide audience and may be one of the most influential documentaries in our history.

For more information on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show, visit the web site at: www.conservativecommandosradioshow.com
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Once A Republic

‘Tis the narrow road, less traveled,

That beckons the soul,

‘Tis solace in her path, thus we were told.

Yet wide is the road for the secular to see,

But this is not true, for you nor me.

Foreshadowed by men, true mystics they be,

Wrote down on parchment to warn you and me,

Thence told in their script, secure liberty,

For cometh a thief, most did not see.

Freedom is a blessing, be careful to chooses,

Taking the wrong road, bane easy to lose,

Once it is lost, soon will you see,

Vexing the wise, thus shall they be.

Hold firm to the blessing and open your eyes,

Be watchful for the evil one he’s a teller of lies,

Once liberties hast vanished, it’s gone for good,

The many will suffer, be truth understood.

This is where humanity finds itself this day,

In bondage to a government wrought in lies and decay,

Whilst bemoaning, the Republic it let slip away.


By Lawrence Vetere